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Received 108.56 USD from Clickbank

Hello Guys,


I have built my website on october 2012 spent around 450 usd to build my site that includes booking domain, hosting, content, etc.... 

I ran that website on a stupid server: ixwebhosting and never received any traffic due to server problem..

this year may be around march or april i received a sale from the link i have posted in an article.

I was amazed why it happened and then i did some homework on why my website is not receiving any traffic and found from webmaster tool google bot can't access your website. i have seen this message so many times. So i thought to change to a good server, changed it to hostgator.

After few days i have made my site with updated wordpress and updated theme with new server receiving traffic at 50 to 60 on an average.


For more information you can visit here: 3D Video Production Company .




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