Introversion and Introverts

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6 Illustrations That Show What It’s Like in an Introvert’s Head

How Introverts and Extroverts Are Different

6 Myths About Introverts To Stop Believing

6 Things You Thought Wrong About Introverts

The introvert's corner

Introvert power (blog)

5 Myths About Introverts and Extraverts at Work

Introversione, essere introverso (IN ITALIAN)

Revenge of the introverts

Change The Way You Look At Introverts (video)

Eysenck Personality Type Theory

The Introvert |Advantage

book by Marti Laney.

The Loneliness Quiz


Extraversion and introversion (wikipedia) VERY GOOD!

Party Survival Guide for Introverts (video)

How do I know if I am an introvert or an extrovert? (Quora)

The space we need (video)

Extrovert V. Introvert

Quiet: Introverts at Work

22 Quick Tips To Better Care for Introverts and Extroverts

What are the inherent benefits to being an introvert? (Quora)

Why Introverts Can |Make The Best Leaders

They draw on important strengths that extroverts may not have. Article by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler from

The Power of Introverts (video)

What Is Introversion? (

Are the Brains of Introverts and Extroverts Actually Different?

Extraversion or Introversion (

15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You're an Extrovert

All Introversion is Not the Same (

introvert reality (picture)

Definition of Introvert (

31 Unmistakable Signs That You’re An Introvert

Introversione, essere introverso (ITALIANO)

The Next Step in Introvert World Domination | Psychology Today

Percentage of Introverts (

16 Outrageously Successful Introverts

Big Five personality traits (wikipedia)

How Introverts and Extroverts Can Peacefully Coexist

Confessions of an Introvert (Youtube)

Why Introverts Can Make Excellent Executives

Caring for| Your Introvert

The habits and needs of a little-understood group. Article by Jonathan Rauch in "The Atlantic" online magazine,

Il cuore del successo: gli introversi (IN ITALIAN)

Extraversion |and introversion

Wikipedia article

15 Introvert Myths Busted!

Introvert vs shy (

Susan Cain - Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking (video)

Introvert| Retreat

Celebrating inner life in the outer world (blog)

The power of introverts (Video with Susan Cain)

The Power of Introverts:|A Manifesto for Quiet Brilliance

Author Susan Cain explains the fallacy of "groupwork," and points to research showing that it can reduce creativity and productivity.

Famous Introverts (video)

Revenge of the introverts (

Introversion and the Energy Equation (

Noli me tangere|Blog by "Catherine"

Facebook groups/pages about introversion
Don't let me fool you. I'm an introvert (Facebook)


The introvert |entrepeneur

Facebook page

Introvert alliance (Facebook)

Don't let me fool you. |I'm an introvert.

Facebook group for introverts.

Introverts (Facebook)

ISTJ (1718 members)

Social introverts (Facebook)

Introverts (793 members)

Introversi, se li conosci li apprezzi (250 membri)

What happened when this introvert went to the Christmas Party

LIDI (lega introversi)

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