What people want

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To be supported
To be approved
To have a family
To be recognized
To be wanted
To be accepted
Good food
To win
To be loved
To be appreciated
To play
To be taught
To know what I think and feel
To exploit me
To be employed
To be normal
Not to be judged
To conversate
To be kissed
To be understood
To be caressed
To hide one's private life
To dance
To have the best
To be assured
To be admired
To play with me
To be listened
To rest
To be freed
To be paid
To belong
Not to be left alone
To be courted
To follow traditions
To be respected
To follow one's instincts
To heal
To destroy me
To obey one's unconscious pulsions
To be justified
To survive
To be served
Freedom to be immoral
To beat me
To have sexual intercourse
Luxury goods
To be competitive
To be entertained
Not to be disturbed
To know what happens
To be amused
To be free
To work with me
To control other people
To be helped
To be enchanted
To be protected
To be like the others
To deceive me
To pass exams