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Anche i criminali possono svelare delle verità. Perché non sempre i criminali sono bugiardi, e non sempre i bugiardi dicono bugie.




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Mosaici di umanità 64

Communist China birth

1949 October 1

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Affekt (


La sua libertà



Pensiero di Hegel (Wikipedia)

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Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing


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HostGator Affiliate Program

Hello Guys,


I am looking to have an affiliate program with one company on my site and see that HostGator is one of the biggest and I also have a couple of sites hosted with them. It also doesn't hurt that they pay up to $125 CPA.


I contacted HostGator to ask what user uploaded content would satisfy their requirements but they refuse to release this information.

I can't spend the time and effort to do all the marketing for this company if I don't know if i will even get paid for sending them a paying customer but the alternative I am considering is Blue Host who pay a maximum of $65 CPA.

A lot of my referrals will be content with a 3 page brochure website to advertise their small business. They won't tell me if this example is enough.




For more information you can visit here: Explainer Video Studio

A means of conserving electric energy will be invented

hate of life by persons with shattered hope

Agnes Heller - Il concetto filosofico generale di bisogno estraniazione dei bisogni ramachandran on your mind

100 Parole in Portoghese che conoscete già!