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Horney's List of Neurotic Needs

Radio radicale

02 - India


Community rules: what is offered and what is required

bisogno di partire



Call to Action

A call to action, in marketing, is an image, a line of text or a combination of the two that is aimed at encouraging readers, listeners or viewers to take the next step.

An effective call to action comes after the marketing message and makes it clear what the marketer wants the audience to do (such as “liking” something or making a purchase) and can be included anywhere in a marketing message in a print communication, on a website, in an e-book, in an email, at the end of a blog post or on social media. A marketing message may have more than one call to action.



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Talent Management Video

le mie paure

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Albert Camus



ordine e disciplina

Brain decides seven seconds before you decide - Do we control our brains or do our brains control us?

"An experiment at the Max Planck Institute, Berlin, in 2008 showed  that when you decide to move your hand, the decision can be located in your  brain, with an MRI scanner, before you are aware you have made a  decision. The delay is around six to seven seconds. During that time, your mind  is made up but your consciousness doesn’t acknowledge the decision until  your hand moves.
One interpretation of this is that your consciousness – the thing you  think of as ‘you’ – is just a passenger inside a deterministic  automaton. Your unconscious brain and your body get on with running your  life, and only report back to your conscious mind when necessary to  preserve a sense of free will. But it’s just as valid to say that when  you make a decision, there’s always a certain amount of background  processing going on, which the conscious mind ignores for convenience". Robert Jones [1]

vivere in un ambiente sano

Mario Monti

La gente gioca a certi giochi senza saperlo

ripetere la procedura ampliando le informazioni raccolte

compatibilità / incompatibilità

Vocabolario Portoghese-italiano

Don't let me fool you. |I'm an introvert.

Facebook group for introverts.

Una donna


trovo soluzioni che non ho mai trovato prima

ricordati che devi morire.

BBC Documentary 2017 - Faith vs Reason in the Modern World - Sam Harris

Cape Town 32

cosa mi attrae degli altri, cosa di me attrae gli altri

un oggetto

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