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The field of architecture is a massive field which gives the students a chance to follow their dream and pursue in that direction. The students interested in designs can choose the track accordingly while those interested in making renovations to the old buildings and constructions can move ahead with the other track. The opportunities to follow your interest can be achieved by choosing a specialization in architecture. If you think that architecture only includes designing of the buildings, then you are wrong. The field offers a wide scope for students to make their career.


1. Construction
2. Urban design 
3. Interior Design 
4. Finance
5. Consultant

Architectures are the creators and builders of tomorrow so it is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the young crowd. Be the part of who are going to make things better in the future. The need of an architect is to design plans for houses, buildings, townships, cities, and much more structures. The most important part of pursuing an architecture degree is to pursue it from one of the best b schools in Pune. S. B. Patil Architecture College has earned a good reputation among students as a top college of architecture in Pune.





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