Synoptic Training #2

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faking stupid to avoid confrontation



mind as sentimental dictionary

reprogramming my mind

my friends

my sense of humor

My culture

who/what is guiding me

my philosophy

my fun

my enjoying

my suffering

my favorite persons

my favorite things

what makes me cry

what makes me laugh

my secrets

my peace of mind

my happiness

my competitiveness

the right things to do

my ex girl friends

my death

my passions

time I have spent alone

my decisions

The best things to do

my solitude

who understands me?

my role in society

mutual understanding

my past and future achievements

Freedom vs belonging

my hopes and despears

Am I more valuable than others?

social selection (active and passive)

my fear of being disregarded

my need of people

my brain

my body

my personality

my powers and feelings

My thought's freedom

my future

my right to be happy

my fear of changing

changing my personality

changing my habits

what the others expect from me

what the others think of me

the others

my errors

my fears

my priorities

my engagements

my projects

my book about synoptism

my narcissism

my need of admiration

my right to be respected

my independence / dependencies

my favorite jokes

my arrogance and presumption

my pleasures

synoptic therapy

my family

my web sites

my photographs

my inhibitions

my conflicts

My parents and I

my memory

Films I have seen

Culture and I

arts and I

Computers and I

The Web and I

Psychology and I

Photography and I

my motivations

music I can play, songs I can sing

my discoveries and inventions

whom/what I am following/serving

books I have read

my mind agents

my involuntary behavior

my options

the others and I

my non-conformism

my self-therapy

who I am

my self-censorship

doing nothing

my lies

my conscience

my life

my spirit/soul

my social relations

my hobbies

my CV

my public image and reputation

Can I refrain from judging?

my right to have friends

my ideas

my will

what I want to do

what I have done

what I will do

things I would like to do

my frustrations

things I could not do

things I should not do

things I should do

things I could do

my need of approval

what I can teach

my sorrows

my inferiority feelings

my weaknesses

fear of looking stupid

my self-control

my feelings

how adult I am

my empathy

what I want to change in my life

my introversion

my differences

What I am ashamed of


being liked

my habits

persons who like me

persons I like

persons who need me

persons who love me

persons I need

persons I love

my mood

what I give vs what I take

my resentments

my honor

what I am looking for

how good/bad I am

what i fear

what I can give

New ideas

my mission

my freedom

my ambitions

my regrets

My guilts

My duties


my right to love anybody and anything

my story

Belonging to a low class

my fear of public speaking

my cowardice

Right to fail

my sins

my dignity

my self-esteem


hiding my thoughts

social norms

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